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During recent years Cantwell has established itself as a nationwide leader in the APU industry. We sold and installed hundreds of Frigette and BlackRock units and we continue to stock parts and perform repairs and tune ups on those discontinued generators. Since the end of 2009 we have been proud to represent Hodyon and their APU, the Dynasys. We are a leading dealer for them. We also do warranty work and repairs on Power Tech APU Systems.

Auxiliary Power Units represent an extremely effective way of cutting your costs and increasing your profits by supplying you with air conditioning, heating, and extra power for accessories in your cab. The APU system utilizes its own diesel-driven engine to provide all functions without using your truck's engine to idle needlessly. You thereby cut your fuel and maintenance costs significantly.

Cantwell Power Solutions sells and services all brands of APU systems. We are an authorized sales and service dealer for Dynasys, Black Rock, Power Tech, Diamond Power, and Kohler auxillary power units (APU).

Cantwell Power Solutions specializes in sales, service, and warranty repairs on APU systems.

Let us help you save money on fuel and maintenance costs. Call or stop by and speak to our APU sales staff about installing your very own system by our certified technicians. Your APU system generally pays for itself within 12 - 18 months. Putting your money back in your pocket!

Call or stop by and speak to our APU sales staff about having your own system installed by our certified and experienced technicians. We guarantee a professional installation that you will be proud of.

Your APU system generally pays for itself within 8-12 months, putting your money back in your pocket!

DynasysDynasys APU Systems

Save Money! Save Fuel! And Get Your First Month FREE!

Introducing the New Dynasys APU Leasing Program – It’s Never Been Easier to Qualify and Save!

Sometimes a deal too good to be true really is true. Here is a deal you can believe in to help you save thousands of dollars annually through a leasing program designed specifically for owner operators such as yourself.

Hodyon decided to start its own leasing company because we believe in our product and we believe that owner operators are the foundation of our industry. We believe in strong partnerships and building relationships based on trust. We know that the initial cost of purchasing an APU can be daunting, but we also know that owning one will immediately save you money in both fuel costs and engine wear and tear. Our leasing program significantly reduces, and in many cases, removes the upfront cost of owning an APU. You will also deal directly with us – not some third party finance company that has no interest in you, your business or your livelihood.

Exclusive to OOIDA members, the new Dynasys APU Leasing Program makes it more affordable than ever to put a Dynasys APU to work for you and can put up to $400 of fuel savings in your pocket every month (after the lease payment is made). The program features:

  • Low – or $0 – down payment for many qualified applicants
  • Easy qualification process - almost ALL applicants will be approved
  • Flexible payment options

Why Dynasys? The Dynasys APU has numerous advantages including:

  • Most power in the smallest package
    • 6,000w of power (more than comparable APUs)
  • Small Footprint - only 18” wide
    • Only 385 pounds
  • Best Features
    • Shore power option allows the HVAC to be plugged into any 110v outlet, working independently from the APU engine
    • Lowers vehicle maintenance costs by reducing wear and tear on the engine and related components
    • Designed for easy installation and maintenance
    • Offers fuel savings of 1 gallon per hour while idling, which equates to a savings of $740/month or $9,000/year (based on April 2011 diesel prices and typical operating conditions)
    • Lucas Oil, one of the most innovative and progressive fleets in the world, has made the Dynasys APU its choice
  • Award-winning Design
    • Comes with a 2-year full bumper to bumper warranty (36-month leasing participants receive Hodyon Extended
  • Warranty for a third year of warranty coverage)
    • Made in the USA

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer call Cantwell Power Solutions at 817-731-2841 Ext. 2 or visit us at 9440 I-35W South, Fort Worth, TX 76140.


When a trucker has to deadhead it is very expensive. I deadhead for many miles to come to Cantwell for my APU service and repairs. I know that I will always receive quality service at a fair price. Cantwell is the only service center I trust my APU to.

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Cantwell Power Solutions

Cantwell Power Solutions is a small woman-owned business that is a well established and growing enterprise located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Under new management strategies we have acquired new markets and increased our work force by 75% since the beginning of 2006. For over 35 years our company has been an authorized sales and service dealer in the electric power generation industry.

It is our business to provide and maintain power generation for our customers, and our expertise in the areas of standby and portable power is extensive and varied. We sell and service all major brands of generators (portable, RV, home-standby and industrial units), and welders.